콩쿨 FAQ

Regarding requirement

Is there an age limit for application of this concours?

There is no age limit for this concours. All Koreans and internationals who can play instruments or sing can apply for this concours regardless of age.

Can I apply as a team?

Only individual application is acceptable and application as a team will not be accepted. However, an individual applicant can play with a team he/she organized.

ex) Applicant A can participate in preliminary round, semi-final round and final round with his/her session member B and C, but session members of semi-final round and final round must be same.

I’m a classical music(or Korean traditional music) major, but interested in jazz as well. Can I apply for this concours?

There is no requirement limitation for Jarasum International Jazz Concours. All classical music majors and Korean traditional music majors are welcome to apply. BUT, pieces for the concours must be based on jazz.

I already applied for the 7th Jarasum International Jazz Concours. Can I apply again this year?

Those who applied for last Jarasum International Jazz Concours except for winners of all time are available to apply for the 8th Jarasum International Jazz Concours.

Regarding pieces

Where can I check test piece list?

Click Jarasum International Jazz Concours notice at Jarasum International Jazz Festival official website and check the list of 12 test pieces. Choose and prepare one of them for the concours.

Can I play same songs throughout all rounds?

Yes, that is possible.

I released an album this year. Can I play a song from the album which I composed by myself for an original composition piece at this concours?

In case of original composition piece, only songs which have not been officially released both online and offline are acceptable for the concours. You should play another new songs that have not been released officially, and the songs must be composed by applicants(NO co-written piece).

etc consideration

Should DEMO CD be mp3 file format only?

Format of DEMO CD must be available to be played in computer and audio player, i.e. mp3 file format. If you submit a CD which is not mp3 file format, the application may not be submitted.

I applied for the concours and already paid for application fee, but I would like to cancel my application because an unforeseen circumstance occurred. Can I get my application fee back?

As introduced in notice of concours, application fee is not refundable under any circumstance.