GENERAL TICKETS * General Tickets can be sold out early.


3 Day Pass 100,000 Won
October 12~14 [1 Type]
2 Day Pass 80,000 Won
October 12~13 / October 13~14 [2 Types]
1 Day Pass 50,000 Won
October 12, 13, 14 [3 Types]


1 Day Pass 35,000 Won
October 12, 13, 14 [3 Types]
  • Youth ticket is available on-site pick-up only and exclusively for the person who made the purchase. Without verification, extra charge will be made when receiving ticket.
  • Booking Period : July 10(Tue) ~ October 11 (Thu), 2018
  • Website : YES24
  • Quantity : Maximum 6 tickets per person (including Blind Ticket)
  • Refund Fee : Following YES24 refund policy

EARLY BIRD TICKET * Limited 1,000 Tickets



3 Day Pass 80,000 Won
  • Shipping : All tickets will be shipped on September 20 (Wed)



1-Day Pass 55,000 Won


1-Day Pass 40,000 Won
  • Quantity of On-Site Ticket availability will be announced on October 10 (Wed).on the website and facebook. Depending on the pre-sold ticket situation, On-Site Tickets may be limited.


  • Credit Card Discount : 10% if paid through L.pay
    • applied ticketing from July 10th
  • Group : 20% discount for 30 and more 1-Day Pass purchase (By September 28 (Fri). No double discounts)
    • Group ticket inquiries to the office (Sahee Kim, +82-070-8671-8105)
  • Youth discount : 30% discount only for the person with school IDs of elementary, junior high, high school and other verifications (a copy of resident registration, insurance card, passport, etc.) No double discount. Without verification, extra charge will be made when receiving ticket.
  • Over 65-year-old, disabilities, Children (born after 2005) : Free
    • Only the person with official ID or welfare card, or insurance card.
  • Men of national merit discount : On-Site 20% discount
    • Individuals followed by Article 86, Benefits for Men of National Merit (Support admission of national palace and others)
      • According to Article 67, person followed by any of following item will be allowed to enter national palace or park with no or discounted admission fee
        1. Men of national merit and their spouse
        2. Priority member of family of deceased men of national merit followed by Article 8. In this case, if priority member is father or mother, it includes mother of father.
        3. One life supporter of man of merit who is the same rank as patriot rank 1.
      • Type of facilities and discount rates are listed on Appendix Table 10 that individual satisfied any point of Item 1 can use.
      • When individual satisfied Item 1 Point 1 and Point 2 use national palaces or parks with discounted admission fee, certificate of man of national merit or family member of deceased men of national merit followed by Article 101. [Rectified August 13, 2009]


  • Every tickets must be exchanged for wrist band at the ticket booth to enter the paid stages.
  • Please note that tickets which are purchased early days after ticket open must be shipped to the purchaser to prevent accidents and burglar. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • All tickets excluding Group and Youth Tickets (Blind, 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day Tickets) will be mailed on September 19 (Wed). Purchaser could make a choice between shipping and on-site reception on the process of ticketing.
    • ID and receipt must be brought to receive on-site reception ticket.
  • Delivered tickets can be exchanged for wrist band without having to present ID, which leads you promptly entrance to the stages.
  • Please note that once tickets are mailed, they cannot be re-issued when lost.
  • Tickets can be picked up during the festival from 12pm until 1 hour before the last performance.
  • In case of 2-Day, 3-Day, and Blind Tickets, they are made of material that can be used for 2 or 3 days. You must wear the wrist ticket by the last day of your visit, or cannot be re-issued when broken or lost.


  • All delivered tickets including Blind Ticket must be exchanged for the wrist band at the ticket booth to enter the paid stages.
  • No access to paid stages(Jazz Island) is allowed without the wrist band in any circumstances.
  • Wrist band will not be reissued in any case and the person who does not have wrist band will be sending off from the stages.
  • Entry is allowed to paid stages (Jazz Island) from 90 minutes prior to the start of performance, and you can re-enter the stages in any time with the wrist band.
  • All pets except guide dogs (only with certified vest and harness) are not allowed in all festival area.


  • Partial cancellation or refund is not allowed for 2-Day, 3-Day, and Blind Tickets.
  • One Day Pass only can be used on the designated date, and the date cannot be changed arbitrarily.
  • Cancellation/refund of discounted General Ticket requires fees following policy of the website.
  • Each website may differ its cancellation/refund policy. Please check terms and conditions of website prior to purchase.
  • No refund on the day of event.
  • Cancellation/refund due to change of personal decision also requires fee following the policy on a website.
  • If you want to cancellation/refund for delivered tickets, please send the tickets to the ticket sales company before the booking day(19 October). Cancellation/refund is only available when the returned tickets are processed.
  • Shipping charge for refund should be paid purchaser’s side. Cancellation/refund will be done only after the confirmation of ticket return.


  • Please exchange your ticket for wrist band at the ticket booth before entering the paid stage(Jazz Island) and the band must be on the wrist.
  • Because the delivered tickets are categorized as bonds, the tickets cannot be refunded or re-issued once mailed. The festival is not responsible for lost tickets and other related damages.
  • Purchasing tickets through unofficial channels is against the law. The festival organization and sponsors are not responsible for damages following unofficial transactions.
  • Event tickets cannot be handed over. Please bring your own ID for verification.
  • The return mailing fee responsibility relies on a customer. Without the return confirmation, cancellation/refund is not available.
  • On-Site ticket quantity will vary depending on the online booking quantity. There could be no on-site ticket selling.
  • All kinds of tent including general tent, canopy, tarp only can be used at the designated spot(Camping Site). Those are not allowed at the seats in front of the stage.
  • Glass, bottle, can, and delivered food in the disposable product is not allowed to bring inside to the paid stage(Jazz Island). Yet, food which is brought at the multi-usable container is allowed.
  • No cancellation/refund request due to rain is possible on the festival date.

Prohibited items

  • In order to prevent accidents due to pleasant viewing conditions and broken bottles, various glass bottles (including wine bottles) are prohibited from entering the festival.
  • Camping and cooking in the festival area is prohibited. You can be restricted or send off in case you camp or cook outside of the authorized camping area. No refund in this case.
  • Flammable items (candles, fireworks, Chinese wish lanterns etc.), drugs or other dangerous items are not allowed to bring in stage.
  • Any vehicle having wheel(like bicycle, skateboard) is not allowed in the festival area.
    • Except stroller and wheelchair
  • Please do not take photos or videos using professional equipment without any prior permission for other’s inconvenience.
  • For the audience safety, using any unauthorized remote control device (drone, RC car, boat etc.) is not allowed.
  • All kinds of tent including general tent, canopy, tarp only can be used at the designated spot(Camping Site). Those are not allowed at the seats in front of the stage.
※ For further information, please check out website GUIDE page.