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엘 티즈

L.Teez (main singer) | David Gutierrez Osei-Afrifa (claviers, synth) | Shayne Assouline (drums) | Nicolas Pura (electric bass,contrabass) | Jerome Dupuis-Cloutier (trumpet) | Lea Keeley (singer) |
몬트리올 기반으로 활동 중인 엘 티즈는 캐나다 재즈힙합의 새로운 지평을 열고 있다. 그는 알제리 카빌 혈통의 프랑스계 캐나다인 아버지와 자메이카계 중국인 어머니 사이에서 다양한 문화에 자연스럽게 접했고, 이를 바탕으로 자신의 개성이 묻어난 음악을 시작할 수 있었다. 어릴적 즐겨 듣던 힙합과 재즈로 자신의 굴곡을 표현한 음악을 만들었고, 그 위로 삶과 비전을 담은 가사를 입혔다.
음악 스타일이 선명해지면서부터는 Park과 CFC 클럽과 같은 공연장에서 주목을 받으며 언더그라운드 뮤직 서킷에서 입지를 굳혔다. 2016년, 캐나다 프로듀서인 허그 시뇨리와 제이 센츄리와 함께 오리지널 타이틀을 작업 후 유럽투어를 다녔다. 2018년 9월 Believe Digital이 배포한 Mussjomusic 레이블로 첫 프로젝트인 The Half Full EP를 발매하며 퀘백 미디어들의 주목을 끌며 서울과 부산의 잔다리페스타와, 됴코의 시부야 쇼케이스 페스티벌에서 미니 투어를 가졌다. 이번 자라섬재즈페스티벌에서는 몬트리올의 새로운 레이블인 Hydrophonik Records와 레코드 계약을 체결하고 발매하는 두 번째 EP인 [The Index to My Inner Thinks] 로 관객들을 맞을 예정이다.
Born in 1995, L.Teez is a Montreal author and performer whose childhood was immersed in music. L.Teez’s formal training began at FACE , a fine arts school where he studied trombone and trumpet, subsequently devoting himself to singing and launching into rap when he was fourteen. Coming from rich musical cultures, a French-Canadian father of Algerian Kabyle descent and a Jamaican-Chinese mother; his music and insightful lyrics reflect his distinct identity and unique worldview. Growing up he was strongly influenced by Hip-Hop during his adolescent years. His passion for music subsequently led him to develop a strong appreciation for the classical Jazz masters from which he finds inspiration as well. His formative school years and early musical influences led him to composing, a pursuit he found for coping with ups and downs of family and personal circumstances. In 2012, with the emergence of “new school” Hip-Hop, he began his foray into song writing. Creating texts that are authentic and deeply personal, his lyrics speak to his vision and experiences in the world around him.

As his style took shape, L. Teez establishes himself in the underground music circuit taking the spotlight at venues like Park and CFC Club . He soon discovers his love and passion for the stage. His early breakout performances included the Divan Orange in 2013 then at the MEG Festival . In 2016 he collaborated with Canadian producers Hug Signori and Jay Century (Fouki, Kallitechnis, Nate Husser) on his original titles. Later, he travelled to France to perform at the Tartine Festival in Chambéry, Bordeaux and Marmande, the Paris Music Festival , and at the MIL Festival in Lisbon. In the summer of 2018, he opened for Guts Live and Black Star at the esteemed Jazz Festival in Vienne (France). He also opens for Earth, Wind and Fire in the legendary room of L'Olympia in Paris. He launched his first project, The Half Full EP, under the Musjomusic label distributed by Believe Digital, in September 2018, earning him several mentions in Quebec media (Urbania, Metro, VOIR, HHQC, Baron, CIBL, CISM). Followed by a mini tour in Tokyo at the Shibuya Showcase Festival , at the Zandari Festa in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. In the summer of 2019, he performed at Festival d'Été de Québec, Montréal’s Festival Mode & Design and the 40th Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. In the winter of 2020 L.Teez signs a record deal with the new Montreal label Hydrophonik Records , offering support on promotion and distribution for his upcoming second EP, The Index to My Inner Thoughts.
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